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Updatin' Teh Webs

I know it's been way too long, but i'm spendin' a little time trying to sync up our pages online.

I wanted to make sure you all knew that we're on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and (in case anyone still uses it) MySpace.

A full list of our online pages is available via the website. Thanks for spreading the word and see you out there...

Tom Sharpe and Jeff Elbel Live on Chicago Midday News Today

Some North-family news via a recent post from jeff_elbel:

Jeff will be live on the air with Tom Sharpe and the Sharpe World Music Ensemble on today's WGN TV's Midday News. His post has details for those who have cable/DirecTV, but video segments also seem to go up on the web, so i'll be looking there.

Break a leg, Tom and Jeff!

-=ETA=-: Jeff put up a direct link to the three video clips of the appearance and it came out great!

Amazon Up

Drowning In Sky is officially up on Amazon now, both as CD and MP3s for download. Anyone feel like writing a review? ;)

Obviously we're still at CD Baby and iTunes, as well.

Are there other places we should be and aren't? Are we available where you buy your music? Pls let us know!

North Artist Appearances This Month!

A bunch of North artists and family will be performing in Southeast Michigan this month, and we're putting out the word...

DSM (featuring North's Markus Nee)
and Tim Prosser - The Mandolin Maniac
wsg Joseph Mancuso of North
FRIDAY, 13 March 2009
The Fourth Avenue Gallery in downtown ANN ARBOR
(210 S 4th Ave, 1 blk E of Main btwn Washington and Liberty)
open 7-11 PM, FREE!
The Witch Doctors
(featuring North's Hans Masing)
The Tap Room in downtown YPSILANTI
(201 W Michigan Ave, corner of Michigan and Washington)
7-11 PM, NO COVER!
Mumble (featuring Eric Empson)
with Jeff Elbel + Ping and The Hopescope
SATURDAY, 21 March 2009
Paycheck's Lounge in downtown HAMTRAMCK
(2932 Canniff Ave, just E of Jos. Campau)
10 PM, $5 door.

Please help us get the word out! Thanks and hope to seeya soon.

New Old Friends

Just wanted to put out the word that jeff_elbel has joined us on LJ!

For those who don't know him by name, he's a long-time musical friend in Chicagoland with whom i've done some really fun work, and who now plays electric upright (an NS Design similar to mcniadh's) with Tom Sharpe in addition to working his own project, Ping, and producing many other artists.

On the North front, Jeff not only performed the kick-off set and sat in with us on nearly a dozen tunes (in a smashing suit (far left), i might add) at our CD Release last week, but also did all the Chicago-side recording for the new album, getting Tom's percussion tracks on "The Clock Moved" and his own uberpop-insanity backing vocals on I Miss Crashing.

Jeff has extended a very cool offer to our friends out here in Michigan: send him an address and he'll send you some music. If interested, drop him a line, or just leave a comment and i'll hook you up.


If only for my own reference, here are the links to posts so far with photos and reviews of the show (ganked from mcniadh's selected memories, which may well remain a more up-to-date list than the community here):We've also had some cool photos from Jeff Elbel and a fantastic set from Steve Balogh.


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With the release of our debut LP this weekend (and today coincidentally being the anniversary of the 1999 release of our first recording done in CD format, the Revolutions EP), it seemed a good time to put this community together.

This can be used for any North-related stuff you want to share or discuss, but also for items that you think other folks in the extended North family would be interested in -- music or otherwise. We're pretty open to whatever at this point and will see what happens!

For the details on guidelines and whatnot, pls see the profile. Thanx!

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