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community for crew, fam, friends and fans of North

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community for members, friends and fans of the music project North
This community is for members, friends and fans of the musical project North® to meet, chat, share North-related and music-related stuff, and otherwise hang out.

For other North resources, check out our website and our MySpace.

Joining The Community

This community is open to join, and we welcome new friends! We do, however, ask that all members join us in supporting the following goals:

1) We're aiming to be suitable for an all-ages crowd, so please limit explicit material accordingly.

2) All topics of discussion are welcome, but we aim to make sure that the material being posted is somewhat relevant to the community, and not best placed elsewhere.

3) We want a community whose members respect and assume the best of each other, even when disagreements arise.

4) We'd need to refrain from having any copyrighted material -- including audio or video of North or other musicians, as well as images of non-public events or images not created by the posting user -- posted without the author's consent. (For material of ours, please contact us and we'll most likely approve it if we can.)

In support of these goals, we ask that members also recognize the following:

The community moderators will always try to be friendly and resolve any problems by explaining things and working with the user in question as best possible. However, they reserve the right to edit/delete any materials and/or limit users' access if they feel it's needed to maintain the goals of the community.

Thank you!
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